28g/Box Nail Dip Powder

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Introducing the newest addition to our beauty product line, our Aenyx Dip Powder Nail Art. Get stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails with our easy to use dip in powder that does not damage the nail bed.

This dip powder nail polish is formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.


  1. 1. Sanitize hands. Use a buffer file to remove shine from nails
  2. 2. Apply Gel Base. Make sure to brush lightly with low pressure to ensure an even application
  3. 3. Dip Finger in powder using a scooping motion and tap excess powder off nails
  4. 4. Repeat until the effect is satisfactory
  5. 5. Apply the Sealer Dry
  6. 6. Buff the nail and clean it
  7. 7. Apply the Top Gel. Do not over brush as it may have an adverse effect on the overall shine
  8. 8. If you need a clean brush, order Brush Save. It can dissolve leftover powder and maintain a soft and clean brush during applications

    *Gel Base, Sealer Dry, Brush Top and Brush Saver are sold separately.

    Shipping generally takes 2-4 weeks depending on location. Some distant areas can take a bit longer, but we'll get it to you!




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