BeActive® Knee Brace

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Life is too short to be living in pain!

Relieve back pain with the BeActive® Knee Brace; which utilizes a patented pressure pad in the brace which applies targeted pressure to the specific point that provides pain relief for the lower back, buttocks and legs!

For those with back problems, sciatic pain radiates from the lower back to your lower extremities, which can cause sharp pains even when sitting. With the BeActive® Brace's targeted pressure pad which focuses on trigger points that radiate up your leg, you will be able to experience significant pain relief.

Wear the brace while exercising and you will be able to see the difference immediately! The BeActive® brace will hold firmly in place while exercising, helping you to enjoy sporting activities once again. Our brace also easily adjusts to any leg, is discreet and easily hidden behind your clothing. 

In addition, it is also comfortable to wear throughout the day, even in your sleep. 


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