Cute Pet Bandanas

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Get our awesomely cute dog bandanas for your pet and be top of the feline fashionable charts!

Our high quality bandanas are highly resistant to wear and tear and somewhat pet-proof ( to a certain extent >.< )

Wear one when going to the dog park, the beach or just about anywhere and you will be able to spot your pet in a mass of furriness!

Never lose sight of your precious pet again!

Our dog bandana comes with sturdy strap and clip, ensuring that your pet won't shake it off during vigorous play, unlike some other bandanas without a proper clip system.

Your pet will love standing out from the crowd with his lovable new bandana!

Get several in different colours or to gift to your friends with pets!

Size Chart:

Size Length x Width (cm) Neck Size (cm)
XS 10.5 x 7 19-23
Size 12.8 x 8.5 24-30
M 17 x 11 31-34
L 26 x 16 40-49
XL 35 x 21 50-59


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