Perfect Beauty Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Product Details:

  • THE PERFECT BEAUTY Spinner cleans and dries your makeup brush in just a couple of seconds! 3 Levels of agitation to accommodate different brush types.
  • EASY TO USE - Just three quick steps to clean makeup brushes. 1. Dip and Dunk 2. Spin to Rinse 3. Spin to Dry. 
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS - Made from high grade materials to ensure long-lasting use.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - Brush Spinner, Eight Rubber Collars, Glass Bowl, Bowl Splash Guard Ring, Manual

The force exerted on the bristles when spinning is very low in comparison to the squeezing and pulling action used when cleaning brushes by hand. However when changing from wet to dry, bristles can be delicate. For natural bristles especially, please only spin dry for 3-5 seconds then stop. If any of the bristles do stick out, please use a damp cloth to mould them back into shape and leave them to air dry. As part of our testing we repeat tested a range of brushes 500 times, to see how they were affected. The results show that there was little to no affect on the bristles. It works with a range of natural and man made brushes.

The 8 silicone collars or 'hoods' have be especially designed to hold any brush handle which is between 4mm and 30mm in diameter. We have tested the Cleaner with a huge range of brushes. However the brush must have a rod or shaft-like handle. The Cleaner cannot hold flat handle brushes.

We advise you add a small squirt or pump of anti-bacterial liquid soap into the bowl first, then add as much water as is required to cover the height of the bristles. Try to avoid letting the metal part of the brush (the area that holds the bristles) to get wet as this may damage the bristles.

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