Gyro Bowl

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Tired of cleaning after your kids when they have a snack? 

Get our Gyro Bowl today and rid yourself of those worrisome duties!

Fill this miracle bowl with milk, cereal, and veggies, or nuts and confidently hand it over to the little wobbly hands. There is absolutely no spill of the contents no matter how the bowl is turned or played with. This spill proof bowl spares you from the chore of cleaning up a mess every time your little one eats. Made of BPA-free plastic, this baby feeding bowl is absolutely safe and does not break easily.

Designed in a circular shape; it’s just like a toy for a kid. It’s perfect for when they’re enjoying their food, because they can play with the Gyro Bowl as well! It brings fun to your kids, and it makes sure mother’s don’t have to worry about any mess. Plus, there are three handles for easy carrying, and a lid to cover the food when it’s not in use.

In addition, thanks to the compact nature of our Gyro Bowl, it is the perfect companion for travelling with young children in the car!

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