Home Office Feet Hammock

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The Foot hammock comes with hanging ropes and a pair of clamps to secure it to your desk—so out of the box you'll be relaxing with your feet up in no time. And unlike a full body hammock, since the hammock is only supporting your feet, it won't suddenly dump you onto the ground after one wrong move :)

Easy to Set-up & Remove: We designed The Foot Hammock to be easy to install and remove. The Hammock has a strap on each end that extends to a hook. The hook can be attached easily to the side of the desk.

Comfortable: The hammock is made of comfortable canvas. Each hammock is made to comfortably form around the foot having strong support and an elastic give.

Adjustable: The straps to the hammock can be adjusted to any level desired. This means you can hang your feet low to the ground, take a more reclined position, or even pull the hammock completely up against your desk and out of the way.

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