Lavender Wax Pro™

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Get **FREE SHIPPING** by bundling our Wax Warmer Pro™with your purchase!

Our Lavender Wax beans are specially formulated for the bikini waxing technique!

Be a real waxing professional with this new Wax and the Wax Warmer Pro™

3 in 1 : Painless - Easy to use - Cheaper than Beauty Salons

Why So Many Women Are Buying This Product:

    • No need to use strips or cloth! Wax Pro™ hardens by itself and you simply pull it off smoothly, without applying strips! 
    • The Wax can be used to remove unwanted hairs from any part of the body, including the face, armpits and bikini line. It also works for sensitive skin. 
    • Wax Pro™ is created with Chamomile, the lovely smelling Chamomile that soothes and revitalizes your skin.
    • It’s the best kind of wax that removes almost all the hairs from a single pass! You can get the remaining few hairs with a tweezer or apply a second strip.
    • You NO LONGER need to spend all your money at beauty salons to get a Brazilian wax any more. Do it easily at home and be a real professional with the Wax Warmer Pro™ !

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