Mermaid Glass

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Our beautiful hand-blown mermaid glass is the perfect gift for the mermaid obsessed person! :D

The mermaid glass will take on the color of whatever color liquid you pour into the glass, with gorgeous results! 

Our glass holds 100ml of liquid, and is great for shots or wine. The mermaid glass is handmade from borosilicate, making it very durable and resistant to knocks. In addition, it is also double walled to ensure that the liquid inside retains its temperature for long periods at a time. 

Each mermaid glass measures about 5.1 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 2.3 inches deep. 

This is the perfect glass to use on the beach, at barbecues or any other time for that matter!

Shipping generally takes 2-4 weeks depending on location. Some distant areas can take a bit longer, but we'll get it to you!



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