Octopod Mount

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  • THE ULTIMATE TRIPOD MOUNT FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE! - Adaptable mount fits all smartphones on its universal smartphone holder, and the pod holds on, grabs on and holds tight to almost anything with its super flexibility and gripping non-slip dots
  • FLEXIBLE, PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, UNIVERSAL and most importantly lovable. Attach STANDARD FLEX MOUNT  to any of your precious devices for a 100% secure handle of your device
  • PERFECT SOLUTION FOR TRAVEL, extreme activities, sports, and everyday use. It is more versatile than a selfie stick and allowed in theme parks
  • MADE OUT OF HIGH-GRADE MATERIALS - 80% food grade silicon and 20% metal that has a unique design that will allow you to bend it easily to any shape and It will stay in that form
  • Keep Your Device Safe - You can trust the STANDARD FLEX MOUNT brand with your device. The five extremely durable legs can be contorted to adjust and grip onto smartphones, pocket cameras, and even GoPros very securely.

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