Pocket Slingshot

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The Pocket Slingshot is a circular weapon/survival tool/toy that works as a slingshot. 

Even though it may look like a balloon tied to a cut up Gatorade bottle cap, it's actually an extremely compact yet powerful tool that's able to whip a variety of different shaped and sized objects at up to 350 feet per second. 

The circular design of the Pocket Slingshot allows you to load the device, aim it, and hit different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot.

When the Pocket Shot is in use, it measures 5 inches long but the Pocket Shot measures about 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches when it is closed, making it extremely compact.

We recommend to use 1/4 inch up to 5/16 inch steel slugs, marbles, small paintballs around .4 cal, and airsoft for the Pocketshot.  We DO NOT recommend Bb's as they will tear the pouch and may be dangerous.

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