Sift Away Cat Litter Box

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Sift Away - the easy, quick way to clean the cat litter pan!

The Sift Away is a three tray cat litter sifting system, which takes the hassle and mess out of cleaning the litter box. 

Easy and hygienic to use – lift and sift to separate waste from clean litter, dispose of waste and dirty litter and move tray with clean litter to top.

The trays are identical but when turned 180 degrees they interlock to trap clean litter only. Handles make lifting a breeze. When the top tray is lifted and sifted, the soiled litter and waste are easy to remove and this leaves the bottom trays with clean litter. Save money on cat litter. Durable plastic construction. Includes three sifter trays. 


  • No more scooping poop
  • Stop wasting money on cat litter
  • Innovative design of 3 interlocking trays
  • Easy to use, a quick lift and sift and you're done
  • Size: 17”L x 12 1/2” W x 4 1/2”H


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