Zapp Light Bug Zapper

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Zapp Light is both a bright LED lightbulb and bug zapper combined into one to draw mosquitos in and eliminate them on contact! 

Simply replace your indoor and outdoor lightbulbs with Zapp Light and immediately the super bright, 60 Watt, LED Light attracts and protects you from mosquitoes and other flying insects. This bulb is perfect for decks, patios, front porches, or any room in your home where flying insects linger

Zapp Light is a powerful LED bug zapper that attracts insects from up to 500 feet away and kills mosquitoes, flies, and other insects on contact without fumes, chemicals or sprays; say goodbye to stinky Citronella candles and unpleasant smelling bug repellent sprays.

In a University study, Zapp Light was proven to effectively kill mosquitoes that carry the Zika Virus. Zapp Light is safe, 100% chemical free and lasts up to 15,000 hours! 

Our bulb is not a deterrent…it’s a permanent solution! 

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